Ride along the off-trail roads of Hawar islands and enjoy an adventure led by our expert guides while exploring the oasis of history.


Price per pax: BD 10.000

Maximum pax: 6 pax

Minimum Charge: BD 30.000

Duration: 2 Hours

Tour timings: Sunrise, 9am, 11am & 4pm

Age Restrictions: None


Tour sites:

Sabkha (salt plates) – Gypsum rock deposits

Ras la leh – A high view point of the sea and islands in a desert oasis

Bander Nakhla – Cistern site which was used to collect rainwater and a view of the gorgeous bander nakhla lagoon.

Had Theeb – The end point of Hawar (Edge of the wolf)


Booking Policy:

• Advance booking required.

• All bookings are subject to weather conditions.


For more info  please contact: 17641666 |


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